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It does what it says

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It does what it says but it would be nice if they would allow us to move to a more powerful trader directly with the accumulated profits and not force us to withdraw the profits to reinvest again. It seems to me that the reinvestment process takes too long. That’s the only reason I give them 4 stars.

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Sarah Farley Jensen

Respuesta de MasterBet

Dear Sarah We really appreciate your review and it helps us to keep improving.
This is a feature we are currently working on implementing in the near future.
We initially set up the system this way because it is very usual that users once they reach the withdrawal point tend to withdraw their entire balance, leaving an almost null range of users who wish to go for a direct Upgrade. The most common is that they withdraw their earnings and then reinvest the amount they want. However, as I have mentioned, we are currently working on adding this functionality. Our priority is to improve the experience for all users. We appreciate your review.
Att: winbot Team

Tenía mis dudas al principio, así que...

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Tenía mis dudas al principio, así que me quedé con el smartbot para ver si eran una estafa o no, y después de 1 mes y medio después de registrarme tenía un poco de dinero extra, así que compré 2 winbot que duran unos 20 días después de ese tiempo, el 15/06/2022 hice un retiro 640 USDT que lo recibí dentro de los 30 minutos posteriores e inmediatamente lo reinvertí en otro. El 20/06/ 2022 hice mi segundo retiro de 720 USDT que nuevamente reinvertí de inmediato, por lo que ya recuperé la totalidad del dinero que invertí y no planeo invertir más de mi propio dinero. puedo comprar los traders más grandes y mejores con lo dicho hasta ahora muy bien, pero cambiaré mi revisión si algo sale mal, así que espero que esto ayude a otras personas a tomar una decisión informada y no a ciegas antes de invertir su propio dinero, pero todo bien hasta ahora y lo recomendaría si la gente quisiera, estoy dando mi propia experiencia, que ha sido BUENA hasta ahora, espero que esto te ayude a tomar tu propia decisión.

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Fernando Arévalo Sáenz

Payment received

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A couple of days ago I received my first payment. 1,493 USDT to be exact. It took about 1 hour after my withdrawal was approved. It is excellent, especially if you are not very good at trading on your own, here they do it automatically and manage the risks very well, I have been really impressed. 5 stars.

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Felipe J. Contrera


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Despite many negative reviews, they showed me that you can trust something. Yesterday I received my withdrawal in less than ten minutes. thank you! What I really regret is that my winbot trader has stopped, I guess I have to buy back the term.

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Monica Craig MD

This is a really good AI trading site really...

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This is a really amazing AI trading site😍😍simply easy and fully automatic.

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Isabella Cavalcanti